Kit”Desert Scrambler” for Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650 Plug & Play

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  • Desert Scrambler KIT for Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650 Plug & Play
  • Retro Scrambler Upgrade:
    • Vintage-inspired style for your Royal Enfield.
  • Plug-and-Play Convenience:
    • Seamless integration with an easy, DIY kit.
  • Quick DIY Install:
    • Effortless at-home transformation in hours.
  • Rugged Elegance:
    • Stylish rear mudguard for a sophisticated touch.
  • Off-Road Vibes:
    • Trail-inspired kit for an adventurous look.
  • Desert Scrambler KIT for Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650 Plug & Play

Introducing the "Desert Scrambler Kit" – Transform Your Royal Enfield Interceptor & Continental GT 650 (All Years) with Ease!

Immerse yourself in the classic allure of vintage trails and give your Royal Enfield the ultimate desert scrambler look with our plug-and-play "Desert Scrambler Kit." Crafted to seamlessly enhance your ride, this kit is a nod to classic off-road aesthetics.

**Key Features:**

1. **Mono Seat with Stock Mounts:**
- The kit includes a comfortable mono seat designed to use the same mounts as your stock seat, ensuring a hassle-free upgrade.

2. **Rear Mudguard for Elevated Style:**
- Our rear mudguard adds a touch of rugged elegance, sitting atop the rear loop for an elevated and distinctive appearance.

3. **European Standard Homologated Lights:**
- Equipped with a rear light and license plate light compliant with European standards, offering both style and safety. The lights are plug-and-play compatible with the stock bike.

4. **Versatile License Plate Holder:**
- The license plate holder accommodates various license plate formats, providing flexibility and customization options.

5. **Rear Turn Signals Bracket:**
- Two rear turn signals brackets can be installed on each side of the license plate or on the frame's mounting points, allowing you to personalize your setup.

6. **Optional Turn Signals and Front Signal Accessories:**
- Choose to add turn signals and front signal accessories to enhance your bike's visibility and aesthetic appeal.

7. **Easy Installation at Home:**
- The kit is designed for a hassle-free installation at home, requiring only basic tools. Transform your ride in just a couple of hours!

8. **Inspired by Vintage Classic Trails:**
- Embrace the spirit of vintage classic trails with our thoughtfully designed kit that captures the essence of off-road adventure.

9. **Plug and Play Convenience:**
- Completely plug and play, our kit ensures a seamless integration with your Royal Enfield. No complicated installations, just pure riding pleasure.

10. **Made to Order with Short Lead Times:**
- Each kit is crafted on demand, with a production timeline of under 3-4 weeks. Faster options are available to get you on the road sooner.

Elevate your Royal Enfield experience with the "Desert Scrambler Kit" – where classic design meets modern convenience. Unleash the adventurer in you!