Led headlight cowl + turn signal mounts + speedo relocation mount Interceptor 650/Continental GT 650 – Plug & Play

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Led headlight cowl (5.75 inch) + speedo relocation mount

  • Key Features:
  • Plug and play on Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650
  • Product sold with a professional paint finish
  • Allows you to retain the key switch and wheel lock
  • Streamlines the front of the motorcycle.

Led headlight cowl + speedo relocation mount - Product sold with a professional paint finish

Elevate your Royal Enfield 650 series with the Bonvent LED Headlight, a unique and custom piece that's specially designed to fit perfectly on your bike. This headlight offers a modern twist while still keeping the old-fashioned rounded style, resulting in a definitive change in the look of your ride.

But it's not just about style. The Bonvent LED Headlight also provides a brighter, wider, and deeper spectrum of lighting than traditional headlights. The angle of the headlight is adjustable to ensure optimal visibility on the road. Plus, integrated turn signals on each side of the headlight offer flexibility in mounting, so you can choose to use our mounts or the integrated ones.

The Bonvent LED Headlight comes with special mounts to fit on the fork and turn signal mount, making installation a breeze. This headlight also allows you to preserve the front wheel locking system by keeping the ignition key switch in place. To install the headlight, you'll need to remove the original light bracket and relocate the speedometer with the included relocation mount (make sure to select the option "with speedo relocation mount").

Overall, the Bonvent LED Headlight is a must-have accessory for any Royal Enfield 650 series owner looking to add both style and functionality to their ride.

You can also choose to adapt a mini speedometer if you don't want to relocate the stock speedometer.

We recommend the motogadget mini speedo.

All our parts are delivered with all the screws/fixations & manual.

Home installation time with standard tools: 2 to 4 hours

Fairing material: Fibre-reinforced plastic / Led / ABS mounts

Compatible with all Interceptor 650 models & continental GT 650

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